Combining 20 years experience in Corporate Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Analysis, Capital Management and Investor Relations for companies, corporations and advisory firms across Australia.

$500 M Resource Project

Corporate Advisory, DFS study, Financial Analysis & Project Optimisation Analysis

ASX200 Resource Company

$1.6 M Acquisition

Due Diligence

ASX Listed Buyer, Mining Services

$1.5 M Acquisition (Cash & Script)

Lead Advisor, Due Diligence, Corporate Advisory

Electrical Manufacturing

$10 M Management Buy-Out

Lead Advisor, Corporate Advisory, Deal Structuring, Financing

Private Equity Vendor, Oil & Gas Services

$12 M Trade Sale (Majority Interest)

Lead Advisor, Corporate Advisory, Data Room Management, Due Diligence Management

Foreign listed Buyer, Construction Business

$27 M Trade Sale

Lead Advisor Corporate Advisory Data Room Management Due Diligence Management

ASX listed, Industrial Services Business

Partners and Projects